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Village life is easy going life which imbibes the simplicity of life and true nature beauty. The village life is purely different from villages are urbanized crowed and rush life where the villagers are far from hustle and bustle of chaotic city life. While coming to Rajasthan one can explore the traditional patterns, performing arts, culture, traditions, ritual, and costumes rich and will get warm hospitality and many more.rajasthan village

The huts and houses are as simple as the life of villagers where the huts are built by mud and covered with a plaster of clay, cow dung. Still the ladies walk miles and miles for water in desert villagers and the main source of water is well.

Men and women are traditionally dressed up and perform their day to day activities and ladies cover their face with odhani or dupata. Moreover, the village life is reflecting true civilizations and follows the true ritual of life. In villages they people are still depending on each other and share their happiness and sorrow together.

The village experience is quite unique where one can experience the Camel Safari with which the visitors can way to explore small villages in Rajasthan wander around the desert which is one of the most exciting and soft adventure. The village life has vibrant, lively colorful and hospitable experience which gives great experience to the travelers who so ever is coming to the land.

Rajasthani village culture has perfect blend of traditional music, camel rides folk dance and festival celebration and Rajasthani cuisine. So in totality, village life is true place to experience the real beauty of the place. For the visitors the village trip is offered by our skilled and knowledgeable guides.

Further, in village trip one can see the daily practices of villages like pouring of milk, agricultural processes, harvesting and gardening.