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Rajasthan Hlolidays Rajasthan Hlolidays

Rajasthan is the largest state which covers an area of 3, 42,239 sq. km and is bounded by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to the northeast and Punjab to the north, Pakistan to the west, Gujarat to the southwest, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast where one can see the beautiful forts, hills and geographical feature like rivers and rock hills Aravalli Range and Thar Desert. The mountain range consists of the hill Mount Abu where one can see famous Dilwara Jain temples.

Interestingly the history of Rajasthan is as old as the Harappan Civilization and dates back to 1000 BC where, still one can feel and see the indigenous art, culture and tradition which is beautifully carried by the people. While visiting this land one can feel the huge impressions of dynasties of Magadha, Kushana, Maurya(321-184BC) and Gupta(400 AD) and religious aspects of Jains and Buddhists

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Golden Triangle India
The charm of trip is unfinished without Golden Triangle tour which is one of the most popular travel circuits of northern India.
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Cultural Tours
To see India's oldest mountain and to feel the cultural heritage of India, with naturally carved sand dunes, the tiger and enjoy the village life.
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Cultural Tours
The word culture itself defines the history and behavioral changes of the country and this can been observed by view its foods, customs, language, way to live, intelligence and religious belief.
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Pushkar Fair
Fair and festivals are really true part of Rajasthan which imbibes all the beauty and does not need any explanatory for its vibrant, exotic celebrations.
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